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GRG Education

​What we do

Strategic advising and consulting in higher education.

What we focus on

Strategy, business development, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, change & innovation, digital-learning solutions, and international partnerships.

What makes us different

  • More than 30 years of multisectorial international experience

  • Deep subject matter expertise in management, education and technology 

  • Highly effective multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual team 

  • Successful track record leading projects and articulating impactful solutions

  • Integrity and outmost commitment to exceeding clients' expectations

About different
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Our team

Germán A. Ramírez, Ed. D
Co-founder & President | Phone +1-786-769-3896

Monica Gonzalez 2.jpg
Mónica L. González, JD
Co-founder & Vice President | Phone: +1-305-798-1503

With 30+ years in higher education and  international business, developing and leading high -performance organizations in the Americas and Europe, Germán is always eager to share his knowledge and expertise.

He enjoys assisting organizations in matters of strategy, business development, organizational effectiveness, digitalization and internationalization. 

Germán has a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration from Harvard University. His strong educational background is complemented by a Masters in Public Administration, a JD and a BBA degree.

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Asides from being an attorney, Mónica is a life wellness coach and creative artist. She thrives mentoring individuals in navigating through transitional processes.

Monica is a highly analytical and rigorous thinker and doer. She has the ability of unbundling complex situations into its core components, formulate diagnostics,  assess alternative paths of action, and recommend viable impactful solutions.

She holds a JD from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, a management specialization from Harvard University and a Masters in Emotional Ecology. 

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About team
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