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If you are contemplating reaching new markets, expanding your program offerings or developing new partnerships, we can help you. We have ample experience in business development projects across the Americas and Europe conducting competitive analyses, evaluating opportunities and articulating growth strategies.

Success is mostly about apt leadership and having the best people on board. It is also about committed, energetic and passionate teams that drive the organization forward, generating high quality results and doing more with less. During the past 15 years, we have led the development of engaged and high-performing multidisciplinary teams across multiple geographies. 

To ensure lasting success, higher education organizations need effective solutions for the  demanding business and academic challenges they face in this fast pace era. Do you have a digital strategy and the tools to scale up while maintaining the quality that makes your institution unique? GRG Education can assist you with IT implementations and digital learning solutions to increase institutional efficiency and enhance students'  experience, satisfaction and outcomes.


Amidst a global, highly competitive and rapidly changing landscape, universities must reap the full benefits of internationalization. Whether you are planning to expand your research activities or serve foreign students, we can assist you in developing win-win international partnerships. We are proud of having co-led the inception of the world's largest global university network with over 1 million students and 40,000 faculty across 5 continents.

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